Perspective Drawing Project

Pencil Drawing

Matt Hughes                                                    Amanda Cronin

David Anderson                                            Jeremy Morris                                               

-Below is a drawing using 1 or 2 point perspective as well as atmospheric perspective.

-Students will experiment first with 1 and 2 point perspective on scrap sheets of paper. You will need a ruler also.

If you missed Mr. B’s lecture for this assignment, you may view it here

2-Point Perspective Video

-After experimenting, the student will sketch out their final design on a piece of newsprint. After all of the details have been mastered, they will draw it out on an 18″ x 24″ sheet of final drawing paper.

-The Final Project must include the following minimum requirements:

  • Room interior (1 or 2 point perspective)
  • Window
  • Object repeated 3 times inside the room (overlapping)
  • Object repeated into infinity outside of the room (atmospheric)
  • Pattern on the wall (repeating)


-A spot color may be added to the project. This means that colored pencil may be added to one or two areas, but cautioned must be used in not over doing it.

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